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Arise are a successful digital agency based in the UK who deliver social media and communications management to help brands develop their online profiles. Ben Walker, the owner and director of arise approached me as they were looking to refresh their brand and bring it more inline with their target market. The new brand needed to work across all channels so I created several iterations of the brand that could be used at several different screen sizes and on social media whilst keeping its impact.

Testimonial from Arise

  • Having set out looking for someone to rebrand our business, and knowing enough about branding to be a bit of pain, we needed someone who could meet some high expectations. This is where Liz stepped in, recommended to us as a digital-first branding specialist. Liz's perspective and approach were exactly what we needed. Hitting the nail on the head pretty much straight away - taking in all the requirements and research necessary to create a brand that isn't just a very pretty piece of work, but does the job it needs to - telling the world that we're professional, capable and trustworthy while reflecting and attracting our target audience. My high expectations were genuinely exceeded and blown away. I really enjoyed working with Liz - really excited to share our beautiful new brand with the world!

    Ben Walker, Owner & Director Arise