Creating an identity for an initiative supporting vulnerable individuals during lockdown

The Client: Project Catalyst

Details: August 2020

  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Assets
  • Brand Guidelines

The Challenge

Project Catalyst is a new Care Network project helping to improve the confidence and resilience of people and communities during and after lockdown.

Having previously worked with Care Network on other initiatives I was asked to come on board to create the identity for this new project.

Project Catalyst supports people who may have been shielding or who may be anxious about getting back out into their community, helping to boost their confidence and independence.

As a short-term intervention Project Catalyst aims to build supportive relationships in communities, encouraging resilience building moving forward. They also support the work of local community groups through guidance, support with governance, finding venues or helping with promotion, as well as funding for both new and existing groups, to assist with initial costs such as PPE, insurance or publicity.

The Solution

Working closely with the amazing Care Network lead on the project we explored how we wanted the Project Catalyst brand to make the individuals they would be working with feel. .

During the exploration we looked at a number of areas helping to:

  • Identify their communication objectives
  • Understand the brand challenges
  • Define their brand values, brand narrative, and crucially their brand personality.


The logomark represents the nurturing, positive nature of Project Catalyst. This is represented in 2 ways:

1. The 4 sides of the hexagon are connected together representing Project Catalyst and the support that is given to individuals and groups acclimatising back to the world after Covid-19. Catalysts are also present in scientific processes and help speed up a reaction or process. They tend to cradle and bond with the reactants they are supporting during this process helping them reach the desired outcome sooner.

2. The 2 sides of the hexagon are connected together with a centre point to create a forward facing arrow. This arrow represents the individual or group held and supported by the Project Catalyst team but pointing towards the future with momentum. 

Combined together these two parts make a whole and at the centre of that is the C for Catalyst. 

The logomark works beautifully  on its own as a quickly recognisable symbol for project catalyst. 

Full logo

The logomark is also designed to be used alongside the wordmark with the arrow pointing positively towards it. The word mark is simple yet bold and the words sit cleanly stacked on top of each other being propelled gently forward by the arrow of the logomark. The typeface is friendly and approachable.

Let’s work together

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