Social Innovation Community

Brand development and collateral

The Challenge

SIC is a community for social innovators across Europe. Taking areas of known social innovation activity – which they’ve organised around ‘social innovation networks’ – SIC strengthens, connects and grows existing social innovation communities – including public sector innovation, digital social innovation, intermediaries, social economy actors and more.

Starting from the premise that we need more open innovation approaches to effectively address societal challenges, over a three year period, SIC ran a series of on- and offline activities – including practical place-based experiments, learning, policy and research, across Europe.

To showcase all the work that they had done and to help assist communities organise their own activities, SIC approached me to design a yearbook for them. All of the amazing work they had done over the past 3 years needed to be condensed into an easily accessible yearbook to be used as a guide for future innovations.

The Solution

We needed to make sure that the strong SIC brand ran through the whole document. I worked closed with a member of the SIC team and we agreed on a simple but impactful colour palette incorporating the beautiful yellow which is a part of the SIC identity.

I presented the information they provided in small easily readable sections and made the infographics bright, engaging and impactful.

Overall the final result was a beautiful, strong design which can go out into the European community and guide future innovators in their planning and decision making.

Skills Used

  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
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