Brand and digital design

The Challenge

Spectrum was just a concept when I was first approached to join the project. The premise behind the concept was to create training courses for Taxi Drivers and Escorts to enable them to offer the best possible outcomes when driving and escorting children with moderate to severe special educational needs to and from school. This is the first company that has come up with this initiative.

The main challenge was that the brand needed to be clear, attractive and scaleable as it would need to appeal to a number of stakeholders and relevant bodies – including taxi drivers, SEN escorts, investors – and eventually become part of a government initiative. The digital aspect of the brand needed to be extremely easy to use, accessible, inclusive and overall an empowering experience.

The Solution

My role was one of creative director on the project. I began with extensive user research, fact checking and focus group discussions – all of which translated to fully understanding the project, the end users and the desired outcomes before beginning the creative stage.

I then created the visual identity based on the research and feedback. The logo mark was colourful, simple and distinguishable. I created a word mark in a simple, easily read typeface to add balance when used with the logo mark.

I designed the marketing site and training site using the results of the extensive discovery stage and created a site that was both attractive, accessible and pleasing to use. The users would be spending up to an hour on the site and may have learning challenges such as dyslexia so I created an experience that was stress free, simple and empowering using clear layouts, easily read areas of text, explanatory pictures and a simple path through the training.

Skills Used

  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Design
  • Web Design
  • Print Design