Brand development and collateral

The Challenge

Wayfinder is a two day conference that brought together some incredibly exciting speakers including some of the leading pioneers and thinkers in the world of social innovation.The audience was global and multi-sector, with participating companies such as Ikea, Microsoft, and GSK; consultancies, including Deloitte and Bain & Co; governments at all levels; a few mayors, including Athens’; universities and academics; several foundations, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the JW McConnell Family Foundation, the Robert Bosch Foundation, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club; INGOs and many other innovation practitioners.

All of these amazing people were coming together to look forward and actively advance the field of social innovation over the next decade. Some incredibly exciting ideas were discussed and debated.

I was approached by SIX Wayfinder to create a conference guide in the form of a map, banner design and then afterwards an infographic and whitepaper, to illustrate the topics covered and the subsequent findings.

The Solution

The Wayfinder logo had already been designed when I came on board and there was an image of a person walking in nature that they were really keen to use so I incorporated the logo and image together with a bright colour scheme and some clear iconography to develop the theme of a map and the personal journey that each attendee will go on to fit in line with the Wayfinder message and logo.

Skills Used

  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design